Filing for NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy PetitionChapter 13 is a section of the Bankruptcy Code.  If a debtor decides to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, he or she will be committing to repay their debts over a 3 to 5 year period according to a negotiated plan determined by the debtor, the creditors and the trustee appointed to the case.  It is important to note that the debtor will only make 1 payment per month to the trustee who will then pay all of the creditors.  This means that the debtor will not have any contact with his or her creditors.  Also, under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debts will be significantly reduced, late fees may fall off and interest rates may be reduced, resulting in significantly lower monthly payments.

Chapter 13 as the Wage Earner’s Repayment Plan

Filing for NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  is an excellent solution if you have regular and predictable income, as you will be agreeing to pay back your creditors over time and with lower payments.  It is also very beneficial if you have been receiving foreclosure warnings or notices.  Filing for NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petition will stop foreclosure proceedings and bring the mortgage company to the table to negotiate a more sustainable payment plan.  In some cases, repayment to creditors may be interest-free, which could drastically reduce monthly payments.

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Filing for NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Monmouth & Ocean County, New Jersey

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